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 Yoga Safe

Please let me know if you have any health issues that I need to be aware of before you start a class.

If you have any medical conditions or are in any way concerned about taking part in a yoga or meditation practice, then please check with your Doctor before attempting it. If the Doctor feels it is ok then be prepared to work all postures slowly and adapt the practice to suit your needs when in the class.

Listen to your body and work with awareness of your body’s needs with each class. These may change week by week, so free at ease to join in or to zone out of anything you wish to. If you choose not to take part please find a comfortable position to sit or lie and just relax.
Before your initial class

Please fill in the yoga questionnaire below and send it before your initial class so I can be aware of your current safe limits within class planning.

At your yoga classes

Eat only a light meal 2 hours before the class and you may want to bring a small bottle of water to the class.

You will need to practice on a non slip rug or yoga mat. You could possibly bring a yoga-block and a soft belt as props that may be used for some posture work. You may find a cushion helpful in the relaxation and some people like to have a blanket to snuggle under for the last part of the session. 

Yoga practice can build heat, so wear soft non restrictive removable layers and if you can work barefooted this is preferable but bring some warm socks and extra layers for the relaxation at the start and end of the practice. 

Yoga & Meditation Safe Questionnaire

Have you done yoga before?

Do have any of the following?

I understand that I must take responsibility for my well being and tell the tutor if I have any concerns with my health and the content of the classes. If in doubt I will listen to my body/ mind and choose not do some postures or practices.

Please indicate you have read the above

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